League Stats 2019-20

Youth Bowling Canada Week # 16
BANTAM Bantam Boys High Averages AVG   Bantam Boys High Single Score Bantam Boys High Triple Score
1st Ty Phanuf 106   Ronin Hansman 136 Ty Phaneuf 320
2nd Ronin Hansman 100   Ty Phaneuf 124 Holden Brear 299
3rd Holden Brear 95   Holden Brear 121 John Brear 215
4th John Brear 83          
  Bantam Girls High Averages     Bantam Girls High Single Score Bantam Girls High Triple Score
1st  Alyssa Boden 106   Alyssa Boden 135 Alyssa Boden 386
2nd  Veronica Constable 102   Brookelynn Porter 131 Brookelynn Porter 333
3rd Brookelynn Porter 95   Summer Kennedy 90 Summer Kennedy 243
4th Vienna Mellon 89   Ava Fisher 90    
JUNIOR Junior Boys High Averages AVG   Junior Boys High Single Score Junior Boys High Triple Score
1st Logan Clark 178   Logan Clark 205 Logan Clark 528
2nd Nate White 94   Carter Fisher 126 Carter Fisher 318
3rd Carter Fisher 86          
4th Allen Lewis-Trodd 80          
  Junior Girls High Averages     Junior Girls High Single Score Junior Girls High Triple Score
1st  Natalie White 86   Natalie White 148 Natalie White 314
SENIOR Senior Boys High Averages     Senior Boys High Single Score Senior Boys High Triple Score
1st Chase Stahls 217   Chase Stahls 266 Chase Stahls 723
2nd Connor Clark 195   Connor Clark 217 Connor Clark 549
  Standings     High Single Score
1st Tally Ho’s 32pts   Bill Brown 279
2nd Don Cherry’s 30pts   Richard Buttineau 269
3rd Family Matters 23pts   Joel Arnold 221
4th Fireballers 13pts   High Triple Score
        Bill Brown 691
        Richard Buttineau 669
        Aaron Kennedy 577
        High Average AVG.
        Bill Brown 211
        Joel Arnold 202
        Richard Buttineau 199
  Standings     High Single Score
1st Pin Pals 38pts   Carolyn Jeffery 223
2nd Wellington’s 35pts   Elsa Borneman 211
3rd Split Happens 28pts   Pam Leonard 210
4th Gutter Gals 23pts   High Triple Score
5th The Misfits 23pts   Donna VanderValk 533
6th       Anne Moffatt 528
        Pam Leonard 517
        High Average AVG.
        Pam Leonard 182
        Brenda Shultz 178
        Michelle Priem 167
Club 55+    (week# 18)
  Standings     Men’s High Single Score Men’s High Single w/Handicap Score
1st Bud Stevenson 42pts   Vern Kennedy 262 Vern Kennedy 288
2nd John Camilleri 41pts   Bud Stevenson 235 Danny Heslip 270
3rd Geraldine Tucker 36pts   Danny Heslip 225 Ron Bulgin 267
4th Rusty Deschamps 35pts   Ladies High Single Score Ladies High Single w/Handicap Score
5th Marshall Culp 33.5pts   Gwen Dales 289 Gwen Dales 367
6th Jim Zummach 32pts   Pat Dudas 282 Pat Dudas 354
7th Pat Dudas 29pts   Phyllis Shoebottom 277 Phyllis Shoebottom 342
8th Karen Wurm 29pts   Men’s High Triple   Men’s High Triple w/Handicap  
9th Shirley Jordan 27pts   Vern Kennedy 615 Harvey Bond 716
10th Josie Verstraten 26pts   Bud Strevenson 611 John Prosser 699
11th Paul Cuthbert 25.5pts   Harvey Bond 590 Vern Kennedy 693
12th Murray Nicksy 23pts   Ladies High Triple   Ladies High Triple w/Handicap  
13th John Prosser 19pts   Pat Dudas 610 Pat Dudas 826
14th Joan Ramsey 18pts   Phyllis Shoebottom 579 Gwen Dales 790
15th Ed Forbes 16pts   Gloria Hurd 571 Phyllis Shoebottom 774
16th Carol McCron 16pts   Men’s High Average AVG Ladies High Average AVG
        Paul Cuthbert 216 Pat Preston 182
        Bud Stevenson 203 Shirley Jordan 164
        Vern Kennedy 194 Bonnie Beaucage 162
P.S.B.L MIXED LEAGUE    (week# 17)
  Standings     Men’s High Single Score Ladies High Single Score
1st We Don’t Care 30pts   Caleb Cox 281 Courtney Todd 220
2nd OGB 27pts   Nathan Bye 271 Connie Armstrong 212
3rd The Family Strikers 26pts   Taum King 244 Meghan Cameron 211
4th Tryhards 26pts   Men’s High Triple Score Ladies High Triple Score
5th Team Nobel 25pts   Taum King 682 Meghan Cameron 564
6th Flying Eagle 19pts   Nathan Bye 629 Courtney Todd 558
7th That Damn Good 16pts   Josh Pawis 592 Lori Badger 552
8th Strykers 11pts   Men’s High Average AVG. Ladies High Average AVG.
9th MagPies 9pts   Jake Eldridge 260 Courtney Todd 201
        Scott McDonald 212 Cathy Todd 194
        Travis Orr 208 Kirsten Brownley 186
UPTOWN MIXED LEAGUE    (week#  18)
  Standings     Men’s High Single Score Ladies High Single Score
1st Badger Construction 42pts   Ray Jeffries 272 Pam Leonard 228
2nd The Fireballers 40pts   Scott McDonald 259 Judy Rivers 221
3rd But We Had Fun 33pts   Durrel Leonard 255 Angie Lonsdale 219
4th Safe ‘N Sound Strikers 31.5pts   Men’s High Triple Score Ladies High Triple Score
5th Alley Oops 29.5pts   Scott McDonald 748 Pam Leonard 577
6th Bowling Stones 28pts   Devin Jarick 620 Tine Carlton 574
7th Northern Tree Services 25pts   Vern Kennedy 599 Angie Lonsdale 542
8th Buds on the Fast Lane 23pts   Men’s High Average AVG. Ladies High Average AVG.
        Scott McDonald 229 Ann Hurdman 190
        Jake Eldridge 227 Pat Preston 187
        Vern Kennedy 208 Pam Leonard 180

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